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List of Machinery Eligible Under TUF Scheme/or Viscose Filament Yarn Manufacturing
1. Continuous spinning machines for viscose filament yarn.
2. Digital electronic frequency inverters for spinning machines including control boards.
3. Finishing oil metering pumps with relevant feed system.
4. Metering gear pumps for viscose.
5. Portable systems for injection of pigments for viscose dope complete with stirred     vessel, meterinq     pumps, instruments and control panel.
6. Precious metal spinnerettes including distribution plates (prespinnerette.)
7. Spin bath degassing plant by flash evaporation
8. Spin bath backwash filtration system with candle filters
9. Continuous dissolving and homogenizing system for viscose preparation.
10. Contidisk filters for viscose.
11. Spinbath heat exchanger in graphite.
12. Distributed Central System (DCS) for automatic control parameters of viscose.
13. Automatic cake handling system during spinning arid after treatment.
14. Processor controlled precision cone winding machine.
15. Automatic cone packing and pelletizing system.
16. Splicers for knotting viscose filament yarn breaks.
17. Viscose filament yarn strength tester. INSTRON or STATIMAT A or V1BRODYN 400     Model.
18. Testing equipment for process control and environment monitoring:
(i) Air sentry for atmosphere monitoring.
(ii) Stereo microscope for cross section studies.
(iii) Particle size analyzer for viscose, pigments and tioz dispersion studies.
19. Eco label Certification - Testing equipment for eco parameters :
(i) High performance liquid chromatography & high performance thin layer     chromatography.
(ii) Per-spirometer
(iii) Wash wheel machine.
(iv) Atomic absorption spectrometer with accessories.
(v) UV - Visual spectrometer.
(vi) Gas chromatography with mass spectrometer,
(vii) Fourier transforming infra red spectrometer.
(viii) B.O.D. & C.O.D. monitors.
B. (I)   Machinery/or Viscose Staple Fibre
  1. Pulp per-treatment - electron.
2. Automatic pulp feeding system.
3. Pulp slurry mixer with automatic slurry consistency control system.
4. Twin Roll Slurry Press with Shredder.
5. Ageing Drum.
6. Automatic Alkali cellulose conveying / feeding system.
7. Alkali Cellulose Cooler-Fluidized bed type with automatic temperature control.
8. Lye filter (Candle filters.)
9. Automatic Charge lye and Charge water mixing and cooling system
10. Xanthator with automation.
11. Continuous Dissolving System with homogenizers.
12. Ripening room with automatic process control, Continuous Filters with auto back
     flush feature Hydraulic Filter press. Centrifuge for reject viscose recovery. Screw /      gear type viscose pump viscose heating system, basket type viscose deaerators,
     continuous spinning tanks
13. Distributed control system for the viscose section.
14. Automatic spinbath preparation. Circulation, Filtration, Heating & Evaporation system.
15. Hastealloy - C Hexa Rollers Stretch Unit.
16. High - speed automatic rotary cutters.
17. Hastelloy -C for Carbon Di-Sulphide recovery Trough.
18. Carbon Di-Sulphide recovery system with scrubbers and condensers.
19. Sump Zone cooling and filtration system.
20. After-treatment line for washing fibre, conveying of fibre and chemical treatment.
21. After-treatment chemicals Filtration system.
22. Pneumatic fibre squeezing system, wet fibre opener, fibre dryer and dry fibre opener     with automatic conveying system,
23. Fully Automatic baling press with process controls of bale weight, moistures etc,
24. Automatic bale handling system.
25. Distributed control system for spinning to Baling press
  (II)    Machinery For Dyed Fibre
  1. Distributed control system for colour slurry prepartion and injections.
2. Spectrophotometer based computerised colour matching system.
3. Colour slurry injection pumps.
4. On line fibre quality monitoring equipments.
5. On line fibre Contamination, Checking and removal systems.
6. Automatic fibre sampling system (Robotics type.)
  (III)    Utility:
  1. Both for viscose filament and viscose staple fibre - refrigeration system for process     cooling _ ripening room air conditioning energy efficient cooling towers,
2. Air Compressor 15 H.R and above.
  (IV)   Lyocell Fibre Plant:
  1. Pulpers
2. High viscose reactors operating vacuum
3. Thin flim evaporators
4. Polymer Pumps
5. polymer Filters
6. Spinning Module
7. Fibre washing and treatment machines
8. Fibre drysrs
9. Fibre openers
10. Bailing press
11. Agitated reactors
12. Distillation tower with accessories
13. Multi stage evaporators
14. ION exchange purification plants
  (V)   High Wet Modulus Viscose Fibre :
  1. Modal (HWM) machine line
2. Pumps for soda station
3. Brine PHE
4. Heat exchanger for dtssolver
5. 3% Caustic PHE
6. Rotary air lock for maturing drum
7. Charge water tank with level control system
8. Dope tank with stirrer
9. Viscose circulation pumps
10. Heat exchanger before flash tank
11. Spinning pump
12. Heat exchanger after spinning pump
13. Complete system from spinning to bailing
14. Spin bath tanks & pumps
15. Zinc dissolving system
16. Spin bath filters and exhaust fans
17. Heat exchanger for spin bath cooling
18. Rotary vacuum filter & Pumps
C. Any other machine considered appropriate by the Technical Advisory-cum-Monitoring Committee (TAMC.)
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