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Spinning Machinery/or Cotton System a/Spinning :
  1. Fully automatic bale handling, plucking, peeling and blending grab machine with      micro processors.
2. (i) Sophisticated blow room machinery for cotton fibre and its blends consisting of      pre-cleaners,       opening and cleaning machines with chute feeding system or lap      making system, metal detector,       microdust remover and dedusting condensers (for      open end rotor spinning) with or without foreign       fibre detector / remover.
(ii) Sophisticated blow room machinery for synthetic / regenerated fibres and their      blends consisting of       opening and cleaning machines with chute feed system or lap      making system, metal detector with       or without foreign fibre detector / remover.
(iii) All foreign fibre detector. Automatic bale plucking machines & Sophisticated      cleaning machine       equipment in the existing blow room line are covered under TUFS.
     3. Automatic waste extraction system for card, gill box, comber and ring frame with      or without waste       recovery / recyling machinery.
4. (i) High production card capable of producing sliver above 50 kgs/hr with             autoleveller,
     (ii) High production card for lap feed system capable of prodycing silver above             50 kg/hr with or       without autoleveller.
5. High production draw-frame with delivery speed of 500 meters / minute with      autoleveller.
6. Sliveriap / Ribbonlap, Lapformer.
7. High speed combers of 240 nips / minute and above.
8. Speed-frame with 1200 r.p.m. and above.
9.  High speed ring frames having spindle speed of 16,000 r.p.m, and above.
10. Open end rotor of 75,000 r.p.m. and above and other modern spinning systems,      such as DREF PARAFIL, SELFIL AND AIRJET.
11. Automatic cone winding machine (auto coner) operating at the speed of 1500       metres per minute and above and / or cheese winding machine with Siro cleaner.
12. Electronic yarn clearers and splicers for upgradation of existing automatic winding       machines.
13. Two-for-one / Three-for-one twisters operating at the speed of minimum 8000 rpm      & 5000 rpm respectively.
14. Yarn conditioning machine.
15. Industrial humidification system with air washer plant and air filters to maintain RH      and temperature with dehumidifiers (chillers).
16. Dust / particulate material separators / collector [Air Pollution Control).
17. Overhead cleaner for spinning & winding.
18. Device for manufacturing core spun yarn.
19. Parallel winding machine with individual control management and length measuring      device.
20. Process control equipments :
(a) Electronic yarn clearers for upgradation of existing automatic winding machines.
(b) "Sauter Automatic Plant Controls" for the Humidification Plant for controlling and
     maintaininhg R.H.
(c) "Opti speed" for Ringframes for changing the spindle speed throughout the doff      according | to a set pattern, so that yarn breakages are minimized etc.
(d) "Premier Ring Eye" under information Technology, since the equipment monitors      the yarn breaks in a Ringframe, identifies rogue spindles which give more number      of breaks, indicates the production of the Ringframe through computer.
21. Air Compressor 15 H.P and above.
B. Wool Scouring, Combing and Spinning Machinery for Worsted System of Spinning:
  1. Sophisticated wool scouring machine.
2. Fibre opening / blending / cleaning / dusting machine.
3. High production worsted cards capable to give above 50 kg. production per hour.
4. High speed Intersecting Gill box / Chain Gills / Rotory Gills / Vertical Gill box of      delivery speed of minimum 400 mtrs. per minute.
5. Drawing set / Roving frame / Rubbing frame of delivery speed of 200 mtrs. per      minute.
6. High speed worsted ring frames of 12,000 rpm & above with or without siro spinning
     attachment / or auto doffers.
7. High speed rectilinear comber of 210 nips per minute and above.
8. Two-for-one / Three-for-one twisters operating at speeds of minimum 8000 rpm &      5000 rpm respectively.
9. Yarn conditioning machine.
10. Assembly winding machine with micro process control.
11. Precision cone winding machine.
12. Automatic waste extraction system for card, gill box, comber and ring frame with      or without waste recovery /recyling machinery,
13. Baling Press for wool combing.
C.  Machinery for Flax Spinning :
  1. Flax hackling machine
2. Drawing Machine for Flax
3. Roving machine for Flax
4. Wet ring frame for Flax
5. Auto Winding machine for Flax
c. Machinery for Woollen Spinning System :
1. Wool scouring machine.
2. High production carding machine.
3. Gill Box for semi-worsted yam.
4. Speed frame.
5. Ring frame.
6. Modern spinning system (DREF)
7. Winding machine.
8. Automatic waste extraction system for card with or without waste recovery / recyling
D. Machinery for Shoddy Spinning System :
  1. Continuous gameting, rag tearing & pulling and carding machine.
2. Ring frame.
3. Winder.
E. Machinery/or Silk Reeling and Twisting :
  1. Multiend silk reeling machine (Automatic or Semi Automatic.)
2. Silk twisting machine (Two - for - One or Three - for - One or up twisters.)
3. Winding machine.
F. Machinery for Silk Waste Processing/Spinning :
  1. Silk Waste processing.
(l) Cocoon opener.
(ii) Computerised silk waste cutting machine.
(iii) Degumming machine.
(iv) Drying chamber.
(v) Carding machine
(vi) Preparatory machine
2. Silk opener.
3. Automatic hopper feeder/Blending hopper feeder/Feeder with automatic quality      control (either with automatic quality weight or volume control/combined automatic      weight) and volume control for silk card.
4. Carding Set.
5. Rectilinear - comber.
6. Vogoroux top/Silver printing machine,
7. Top to fibre / Top converting machine
8. Top bump Press
9, Draw frame / Roving frame/Automatic rubbing frame / Bobbiners / Finisher.
10. Self twist spinning machine / Sirospinning (2 ply spinning) machine / Core Spinning      Machine.
11. Fancy Yarn twisting and pattern machine.
12. Jumbo hank reeling machine.
13. Yam brushing machine.
14. High speed inter-setting rotary / Chain pin drawing sets / Gill boxes.
15. Fibre opening and blending machine.
16. Raising / Brushing Machine.
17. Automatic and semi-automatic reeling machinery for mulberry and tassar.
18. Machines for twisting. Reeling. Brushing of yarn samples and small quantities of      plain and fancy yarn.
G. Machinery for Synthetic Filament Yarn Crimping / Texturising and Twisting;
  1. Crimping machine.
2. Texturising machine
3. Twisting machines.
4. Jumbo hank winder.
5. Rewinder/precision cone winder.
6. Micro slitting machine/Roll cutting machine.
7. Fancy Yarn Twisters and doubling machine.
8. Twisted & covered cord manufacturing machine.
9. Glittering machine / Zic making machine
10, Air covering machine
11. Universal double covering machine
12. Spandex attachment on circular knitting/texturising machine
GG. Machinery for Cotton Waste Recycling Plant:
  1. Automatic soft cotton waste recycling machine.
2. Automatic hard cotton waste recycling machine.
3. Automatic bale press system (Packing).
4. Automatic cotton dust & seed collection & filtration system.

5. Fire protection system.
6. Service facilities, viz. transport, weigh bridge system, automated bale weighing      system, etc,
H. Fibre/Yarn Testing Equipments :
  1. Modern fibre testing instruments viz. high / medium / low volume instrument for      checking length, strength, micronnaire, maturity, trash, color etc.
2. Eveness tester.
3. Yarn fault classification equipment, viz, classimat, classidata etc,
4. Equipments for testing neps, length, diameter, maturity, trash, viz. AFIS / FILE,      advance fibn information system, rapid tester, etc.
5. Single yarn tenacity tester, viz. tensorapid, statimat, tensomax etc.
6. Tenacity / fibre crimp measurement instrument, viz. fevimat etc.
7. Modern yarn testing equipment, viz. twist tester, hairiness tester, tension tester,
      co-efficient friction tester etc.
8. Moisture tester.
9. Racking density tester.
10. High precision weighing balance.
I. Modern Material Handling Equipment, Viz. Fork Lifter, Bale Stackers etc
  j. Machinery/or Sewing Thread (Cotton Polyester / Continuous Polyester Filament I      Core Yan Sewing Threads) Manufacture :
1. Assembly winding / Cheese winding machine with individual control arrangement &      lengtl measuring device.
2. Heavy ring doubler with or without wet arrangement.
3. Polishing cum lubrication machine.
4. Heat setting & stabilizing machine.
5. Pre-application winder/composite lubrication winder/cone winder.
6. Precision winder & finishing machine / Twin .cone winding and cop winding machine.
7. Tube winding machine.
8. Auto labeling and packing machine.
9. Box stitching/ Carton strapping machine.
10. Bonding machine.
11. Spool winder.
12. Braiding machine.
13. Braid dye package winder.
14. Braid waxing machine.
15. Braid cop winder.
16. Pre-twister / Assembly winding machine.
17. Uptwister.
18. Dye packing winder
K. Any other Machinery Considered Appropriate by the Technical Advisory - Cum - Monitoring Committee (TAMC).
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